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Supporting project designers

Our wide-ranging expertise and experience means that we can help design offices, architects, construction economists or general construction companies with the design of their projects.

We advise them on the best way to use our products depending on the substrate, the external environment and the desired performance. We offer them systems that meet technical and economic expectations and direct them to companies that have the right skills to implement these systems.

Our Projiso factory, based in Montluçon, manufactures and markets a wide range of fibrous sprayed insulation coatings based on slag wool and pasty based plaster and vermiculite.

All of these coatings have multiple performances: fire resistance, thermal insulation, correction and acoustic reduction.
They also have numerous certifications: CE marking, Acermi, and their applications are validated by European reports.

In order to select the most suitable product, the project manager must define:

  • the types of performance expected, required: fire resistance, acoustic correction, thermal insulation.
    whether the product will be subject to physical damage
  • if weight matters
  • if the price is considered as the basic selection criterion
  • if speed of implementation is essential
  • if access to the work is difficult
  • whether there are interactions with other trades
  • if the product is used in an air circulation plenum
  • whether the product can be easily repaired
  • and finally to know if the aspect and the type of finish are important or not

For our customers

We also make every effort to help our customers find all the information they need: :

  • Technical documents (reports, technical data sheets, etc.) for their technical files
  • Fire or acoustic protection solution best suited to their project requirements
  • Thickness calculations for their design notes
  • Support with the worksite application of our products

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