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Find out more about Projiso, expert in the manufacture and marketing of spray-on fibrous and slurry coatings throughout France and internationally. Spray-on products first appeared in France in 1975, with Projiso pioneering the field. Developments in techniques and materials boosted the company, which was created in the same year. In just a few years, Projiso became a leader in the manufacture and marketing of spray-on fibrous and slurry coatings for the thermal insulation, fire protection and acoustic correction market.

1975 1975

In January 1975, spray-on products entered the French market

1975 1975

creation of Projiso

2000 2000

Projiso becomes a leader in its field

2006 2006

Projiso is bought out by Promat

2009 2009

Projiso products are renamed: Fibrexpan® becomes Promaspray® T, Fibrofeu® becomes Promaspray® F250 and Fibrogaine® remains Fibrogaine®, Promat retains only the fibrous products.

2016 2016

Promat sells its fibrous product share to Projiso. Projiso returns to the market for passive fire protection, thermal insulation and acoustic correction in France and abroad.

2017 2017

Projiso products go back to their original names, return of Fibrexpan® and Fibrofeu®.

2018 2018

New product: Arrival of Firespray®, a passive fire protection product for sheet metal ducts, roof pans, structural floor trays and structural frames.

2021 2021

New product: Arrival of Firesplaster 270®, passive fire protection product for concrete structures, steel beams and columns, composite floor decking.

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