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Both rectangular and circular ducts can be fitted with firestop inspection hatches.

Un conduit tôle, sans flocage, n'est pas coupe-feu. En cas d'incendie, la chaleur se communique à l'ensemble du réseau qui devient rapidement un propagateur de l'incendie au reste de la structure. 
La protection au feu par projection de flocage évite pendant un temps donné, la propagation des flammes, des fumées ainsi que de la chaleur.

La trappe de visite coupe-feu a été conçue pour répondre aux besoins de sécurité incendie et pour optimiser l’installation de gaines de ventilation. Ainsi, l’accès aux gaines traitées coupe-feu devient rapide et facile.
La remise en sécurité de l’installation ne nécessite aucun traitement supplémentaire et donc aucun coût supplémentaire.
Les trappes de visite coupe-feu conservent leur degré coupe-feu dans le temps.

Maintaining a high fire resistance rating.

Inspection hatches provide up to 120 minutes of fire protection inside or outside the duct - based on tests on rectangular ducts carried out according to EN 1363-1 by Efectis*, a French laboratory approved and accredited by COFRAC Opening the inspection hatches in no way affects their fire resistance capability, which they retain in full.
Manufacturers prefer certified European materials - for example, products with a better tightness than class D.

Easy to clean and maintain

Whatever the duct type involved (sheet metal with a flock coating, firestop mortar, STAFF, etc.), the firestop inspection hatch opens and closes in just a few minutes. During maintenance operations (inspection, cleaning), the hatch can be dismantled and reassembled as many times as necessary, while retaining its fire resistance capabilities.

The perfect solution for every installation

Firestop inspection hatches are designed to meet all requirements for new builds or renovations, whether in tertiary or industrial buildings. It fits naturally into quality facilities where safety and performance are top priority.

Firestop inspection hatches are ideal for ventilation systems (shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, offices, etc.), extraction systems (kitchens, production workshops, etc.), and also for technical ducts.



  • Prevention, security and fire protection 2h
  • Compliance with GC21 regulations and standard 1366-1
  • Prevent the spread of fire inside and outside the ventilation duct
  • Access, control and clean ventilation networks while maintaining fire protection
  • Access and inspect fire dampers
  • Installation in less than 5 minutes - Removable and reassembly

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