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Composite floors

A composite floor is a horizontal load-bearing structure intended for the ground floor or to create a separation between the floors of the building.

Projiso’s Fibrexpan® is a spray-on coating for thermal insulation of surfaces not exposed to the weather. Fibrexpan® is a dry material composed of slag wool, hydraulic and semi-synthetic binders and various additives; It is supplied in flake format.
Fibrexpan® is ACERMI - certified

with regard to conductivity and thermal resistance values.

Based on its multi-function performance and properties: it is rot-proof, non-combustible and easy to work with. Fibexpan® is a high-performance thermal insulation product designed for use on composite floors.

Fibexpan® is a spray-on product. The spraying technique, also known as flocking, consists in applying Fibrexpan® fibres under pressure using special machines.
The sprayed thickness will be defined according to the desired thermal insulation rating. Fibrexpan ® can be applied in thicknesses of up to 240mm, with no intermediate reinforcement.

The spraying machine generally comprises a feed hopper, a carding device, a blowing device (fan, turbine or blower), a hose for conveying the mixture to be sprayed. A spray gun and water.

The product is carded in a machine and then fed through a hose to a spray gun by means of compressed air. Water-fed nozzles are placed around the hose outlet to wet the product before it is sprayed onto the substrate.

Techniques for using Fibrexpan® for the thermal protection of structural floor trays 

First, a bonding agent must be applied:
Projiso Fixo M® is an aqueous emulsion bonding agent based on modified acrylic copolymers and high-adhesion additives for metal substrates.
Projiso Fixo M® is a film that remains fully flexible even at low temperatures.

The coating will be finished with Projiso Fixo Dur® or Sidairless®.

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