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Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral formed by the hydration of certain basaltic minerals. It has a very particular colour ranging grey-brown to silver-gold, it is flat and shiny in its original form. It has heat expansion properties, and is an abundant resource that is mainly used in its exfoliated form.
In thermal insulation, vermiculite is used in moulded form, bound with sodium silicate.
Vermiculite is a mineral used for its thermal performance, especially for sound insulation as it prevents impact noise and other airborne noises very effectively.

Vermiculite is mainly distributed in bulk but can also be sourced as panels.

It is particularly simple to use.

100% non-combustible and rot-proof, vermiculite is non-irritating and does not contain any allergens, even when heated. It remains a natural, eco-friendly and highly durable material. It is highly resistant to rodents and insects.
Vermiculite can be considered as unalterable over time.

Vermiculite provides your buildings with thermal performance, acoustic insulation and passive fire protection

Heat treatment is necessary to give vermiculite its insulating properties.
Vermiculite is used in new buildings and renovations as thermal and sound insulation. It can be used to insulate attics, floors or hollow vertical walls, for acoustic correction or for fire protection.
Vermiculite is very light, which makes it ideal for fragile substrates. Sprayed on, it can be used to treat hard-to-reach areas; in panel format, it is easy to install on walls and partitions.
Vermiculite has excellent heat resistance, with a melting point of 1350°C.
It is classified A in terms of fire resistance, which is why it is used in passive fire protection.
It is not sensitive to temperature variations or to steam from which it absorbs moisture. It is not soluble in water and is not subject to decomposition, giving it an almost unlimited life span.

Vermiculite can be considered as unalterable over time

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