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The implementation of Firespray® in the fire protection of structural frames

Firespray ® consists of slag wool, with hydraulic and inorganic binders. It is supplied in the form of light flakes.

The thickness of the fire protection coating varies between 21 and 69 mm.
Beam height must be at least 120 mm.

Fire protection of structural frames

The application technique of Firespray®

The assembly involves placing M48 spacers directly on the beams at right angles with a maximum spacing of 600 mm. Screw-fix an expanded metal sheet and apply Firespray® to the desired fire protection rating. Firespray ® is spray-applied under pressure, using a special machine. The thickness of the sprayed layer will be defined according to the desired fire resistance rating. The spraying machine comprises a feed hopper, a carding device, a blowing device (fan, turbine or blower), a hose for feeding the Firespray ® into the spray gun, and water. Water-fed nozzles are placed around the hose outlet to wet the product before it is sprayed onto the substrate. Firespray® does not require prior application of a bonding agent. The coating will be finished with Projiso Fixo Dur® or Sidairless®. Projiso Fixo Dur®, which acts by impregnation, is a complex mixture of silicates and acrylic copolymers in the water phase. Or Sidairless®, a fine, ready-to-use coating that can be tinted for a decorative finish.

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