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What is Fibrexpan®

Projiso’s Fibrexpan® is a spray-on coating for thermal insulation of surfaces not exposed to the weather, for acoustic attenuation and correction and for fire protection. Fibrexpan® is a dry material composed of slag wool, hydraulic and semi-synthetic binders and various additives, supplied in the form of light flakes.
Fibrexpan® is ACERMI certified with respect to conductivity and thermal resistance values

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What are the key features of Fibrexpan®

Fibrexpan® is a multi-functional product with a range of features: it is rot-proof, non-combustible and easy to work with. It can be stored for a maximum of 12 months as from the date of manufacture in unopened packaging. Storage conditions: protect from frost, moisture, excessive heat and excessive radiant sunlight.
Fibrexpan® is packaged in 20-kg plastic bags.

The information given in this technical document is based on actual testing and is believed to be product specific. No guarantee of results is however implicit, the conditions of use remaining beyond our control.

Fibrexpan® provides triple (or even quadruple) performance due to its fire resistance, thermal insulation and acoustic protection (correction + attenuation)
Coloregg shell
AspectRolled or Compressed
Volumic mass150kg/m3 ±15%
reaction to fireA1 - Rapport CSTB RH 08-0388 A
Initial setting time24 hours at 20°C and 50% HR
Grip method By hydraulic outlet
Operating temperatureFrom 5 to 45°C
Low bio persistence According Selon directive CE 97/69
Thermal conductivity0,038 W/m.k (ACERMI certified)
othersFDES - FDS - CE marking

Fibrexpan® areas of application

Fibrexpan® is a spray-on coating used for thermal insulation, acoustic attenuation and correction and fire protection.

Fibrexpan ® can be sprayed onto concrete floors and structures, concrete beam and slab floors for thermal insulation, fire protection, acoustic correction and attenuation.
Fibrexpan ® can be sprayed onto concrete slabs with structural steel trays for thermal insulation and acoustic attenuation.
Fibrexpan® can be sprayed on other substrates for thermal insulation, using the appropriate bonding agent beforehand.

Fibrexpan ® implementation techniques

Fibrexpan® is a spray-on coating. The spraying technique, also known as flocking, consists in applying Fibrexpan® fibres under pressure, using special machines.
The sprayed thickness will be defined according to the desired rating for fire resistance, thermal resistance, alpha w or sound attenuation. Fibrexpan® can be applied in thicknesses of up to 240 mm, without intermediate reinforcement (except at altitudes above 900 m)

The machine generally comprises a feed hopper, a carding device, a blowing device (fan, turbine or blower), a hose for conveying the mixture to be sprayed. A spray gun and water.

The product is carded in the machine and then conveyed through a hose to a spray gun using compressed air. Water-fed nozzles are placed around the hose outlet to wet the product before it is sprayed onto the substrate.

A bonding agent that is suitable for the substrate must be applied before the coating is sprayed on:

Projiso Fixo B® is used for concrete
Projiso Fixo M®  is used for metal substrates 
Or Projiso Fixo M+® can be used on both difficult substrates.

he applied coating will be finished with Projiso Fixo Dur® or Sidairless®


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