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What are the advantages of using flocking rather than panels for my thermal insulation?
  • Reduction of thermal bridges
  • No drilling of structures
  • Speed ​​of implementation
  • Fire and acoustic protection possible at the same time
  • Ease of processing complex surfaces
Can the same machine be used to spray Fireplaster®270 and Fibrofeu®?

No, there is one type of machine for pasty products and another type for fibrous products

Is it possible to do flocking on poles outdoors?
  • It is possible to apply flocking outdoors, but it must not be exposed directly to the weather. It is a type Y exposure: Uncontrolled humidity and temperature, no exposure to rain and limited exposure to UV.
    Example: Car parks and sheltered outdoor areas (under awning).
  • Our products are also suitable for Z1 and Z2 type exposures. These correspond to indoor applications and are functions of the hygrometric rate.
Do I get an acoustic attenuation when I make flocking with a significant thickness?
  • The sound reduction does not only depend on the thickness of the flocking.
  • To obtain an acoustic reduction, it is necessary to mechanically fix to the support a metal lathing with kraft paper then to carry out the flocking.
  • More information via our tab “correction acoustique »
Can we get your products from French retailers?
  • No, we are the only entity to sell our products on the French market.
  • We make deliveries everywhere in France from our production unit in Montluçon (03) and our warehouse in Le Bourget (93)
How are your primers applied?

Our primers are applied using a roller or via pneumatic spraying. They then require a drying time before spraying the product.

Is it possible to obtain flocking tinted in the mass?

It is not possible to color our products in the mass, however it is possible to apply a finishing coat called “Sidairless®” whose colors are based on the RAL color chart.

Is it mandatory to have a technical opinion for your fibrous and pasty products?
  • The technical opinions of fibrous products are today covered by the DTU27.1 which brings together information and traditional rules in order to carry out a good implementation of projection

  • Technical opinions on pasty products do not exist, the products are covered by DTU 27.2 which brings together information and traditional rules in order to carry out a good implementation of projection
Is the flocking hazardous to health once it has been sprayed and dried?
  • Our products do not contain asbestos, moreover, we have safety data sheets available where all the health data are gathered.
  • The slag wool we use is EUCEB certified. This certification is based on the bio-solubility of the wool and ensures the consistency of its performance. Bio-solubility: Non-accumulation of fibers in the body
  • All of our products are VOC A+ rated.

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