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Projiso, driving the environmental transition

France is seeking to move towards more responsible and sustainable individual, collective or even tertiary housing solutions.

Standard RE2020, which came into force on 1st January 2022, requires that all new buildings must endeavour to further reduce their environmental impact and building consumption levels. This regulation will take account of new consumption patterns. High-performance insulation with a choice of materials that are adapted to and comply with regulatory requirements enables compliance with these new regulations.

Projiso contributes to the ecological transition by offering a range of certified insulation coatings for all types of building and support structure. Our products help to optimise building energy performance while reducing consumption, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

RE2020 standard applicable since January 01, 2022

Projiso manufactures and markets eco-friendly products

All our products are CE-marked and ACERMI-certified. Their main constituent is mineral wool. Mineral wools are made from natural materials and are the insulation materials with the lowest environmental impact on the market.

Projiso's coatings mainly comprise slag wools, which are safe for human health and are accompanied by a biosolubility certificate. They are also eco-friendly as they are made from recycled glass wool, the low density of which limits the environmental load during production.

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