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The implementation of Fireplaster®270 in the fire protection of double skin cladding

Fireplaster®270 is a spray-on powder mixture used for fire protection of double-skin cladding. The material consists of vermiculite plaster and special additives. Fireplaster 270® is rot-proof, non-combustible and easy to work with. Fireplaster 270® is sprayed on using a pump/mixer, fed through a hose and a spray gun that mixes it with air. This slurry mixture is a mortar that is supplied in powder format. The machine comprises a feed hopper, a mixing chamber, a pump (important depending on the product to be sprayed), a hose to convey the spray mixture, and a spray gun that delivers the mixture.

First, a bonding agent must be applied:

Projiso Fixo M+® can be used on concrete and metal substrates. Projiso Fixo M+® is an aqueous emulsion bonding agent, based on modified acrylic copolymers and high-adhesion additives for metal and concrete substrates. Projiso Fixo M+® is supplied as a film that retains its flexibility even at low temperatures and which, when applied to a metal surface, does not cause flash rusting. Suitable as a bonding agent for adhesion of fibrous and slurry coatings, it retains a sticky feel indefinitely. It is a spray-on product. The coating finish can be left rough with a surface grain or tinted with Sidairless® is an aqueous dispersion of vinyl copolymers with inert mineral fillers. It is a fine, ready-to-use coating. It is applied using pumps for spray-applied coatings.

Fire protection of double-skin cladding

Summary table of thickness estimates by calculation, necessary to meet the thermal insulation criteria for Fireplaster®270 flocking on cladding insulated with slag wool

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